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We are following God's call to go and preach the gospel to the Japanese. It is one of the least reached nations in the world.

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Introduction: Jeremy Malone

Our Story

We are following God’s call to go and preach the gospel to the Japanese. We have been accepted by the missions organization Pioneers International. Please pray for us during this journey. Also, please consider partnering with us by supporting us financially. To learn how to make donations please click the “Partner With Us” button on this page. Aside from prayer and donations, you can also invite us to do presentations concerning the need in Japan at your church. We are happy to do this regardless of whether we receive donations or not. Thanks!

Our sending church in Northwest Bible Church of Oklahoma City (, where we have been attending and serving since 2007.

Jeremy and Bonnie Malone

Why Japan?

Why Japan : Watch Jeremy’s Presentation

Jeremy’s Sermon at Sherwood Baptist Church

Why Japan: The Society of No Hope

Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Every year for the last 14 years, Japan’s annual suicide rate has been close to 30,000 people. 2011 has been particularly dark for Japan; 18,000+ Japanese people died in the earthquake/tsunami, and on top of that, more than 35,000 people committed suicide that year.

Modern Japanese culture is known for its workaholism. The majority of people spend most of their waking hours working. They are often unable to take paid vacation days due to social pressure. More than a few commit suicide because of overworking.

Why Japan: Young People are Suffering

Hikikomori (def=pulling inward/being confined) is a type of extreme depression that seems to exist only in Japan, and it is very common nowadays. Although official numbers are around 700,000 across the nation, a lot of cases do not get reported. So, some researchers estimate that more than 1.5 million young people (mostly men) are in hikikomori and have completely withdrawn from society. Some have just locked themselves in a room and barely come out once a day to eat. Some have not spoken to or seen anyone for more than 2 years and have completely withdrawn from human contact. Some people say it’s internal suicide or living like a corpse.

Why Japan: Unable to Self-replicate

Japan’s Protestant church attendance rate is 0.22%. (Stats are from 2009, see here in Japanese.) The total Christian percentage, including Catholics, is less than 1%. Out of the 0.22% Protestant church attendance rate, some missionaries have said roughly 75% are confessing Christians. Roughly 75 – 80% of that number are evangelical Christians, and roughly 10% of that number are Christians under the age of 30. While this stat cannot be confirmed, if true, this means that less than 1 in 4000-5000 people under the age of 30 are evangelical Christians. (Almost all of the young Japanese Christians that I have been in contact with did not know a single Christian their entire lives – not a single cousin, uncle, aunt or family member, not a single co-worker or fellow student or neighbor, and the majority just assumed that Christianity = something American, etc. until they met a missionary or fellow Japanese Christian.) Simply put, there are so few Christians (both Japanese Christians and missionary workers) in Japan – even with 100% freedom of religion – that the church cannot reproduce on her own.

Why Japan: The field is ripe

The miserable case of unhappiness has been surging in Japan. People are questioning their status-quo, and many of them are not very happy with the way things are in life. They are stressed, concerned, and uncertain. They want the real answer to their ultimate life question, and we have the answer in the Bible.

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